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Yu Lee Technology application for three new board listed
DATE:2015-11-23   VISITORS:2459

November 25 news, GuangDong Yu Lee Technology Corporation Limted recently was formally apply for three new board listing, which was listed on the public disclosure of material in the stock transfer company's official website on November 23. Yu Lee Technolog established in June 2, 2008, to September 10, 2015 to complete share reform. Parent Yu Lee (HK) shares accounted for 78%, is the controlling shareholder of the company; chairman Fengjun Rong, director Fengjun Jiang brothers 2 people indirectly accounted for 78% of total shares, the company's actual controller.

Announcements, Yu Lee Technolog 2015 January-July 2014 year 2013 annual revenues were 120 million yuan, 180 million yuan, 170 million yuan; net profit was 5.664 million yuan, 4.124 million yuan, 1.762 million yuan.

It is understood that took place between Yu Lee Technolog with related parties associated with more frequent transactions, the total transaction overall larger. Where in 2013, 2014 and from January to July 2015, related sales accounted for the proportion of revenue were 99.1%, 98.7% and 46.5%, related purchase total purchase the proportion was 47.8%, 44.8% and 26.3%. Yu Lee Technolog although in June 2015 completed the acquisition of overseas subsidiaries Yu Lee and Lee (HK) overseas sales and overseas procurement operations gradually transfer by related parties to Yu Lee Yu overseas, so that related party transactions accounted for 2015 It began declining, and has been developed to reduce and regulate related party transactions related policies. However, due to joint-stock companies established a shorter time, awareness of directors, supervisors and senior management personnel of the operation specifications to be further improved, if irregularities related party transactions arise in the future the situation will likely damage the interests of the company and other stakeholders.

Also in 2013, 2014 and 2015 January-July, the company's asset-liability ratio was 87.3 percent, respectively, 80.7% and 77.3%, higher proportion of the company's assets-liability ratio. Flow rates were 1.07,1.22 and 1.24, quick ratio, respectively 0.58,0.39 and 0.44, these two indicators during the reporting period are low. The company is facing some short-term and long-term debt pressure, the overall solvency weak, with some of the financial risk.

Yu Lee Technolog listing broker to host applications for the million-linked securities, financial audit GP Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership), legal consultant for the Shanghai Allbright (Shenzhen) law firm.

Three new board Institute data show, Yu Lee Technolog mainly engaged in various alloy model toys, plastic toys and intelligent toys research and development, production and sales; business is mainly export-oriented, as Tomy, SMV, Caterpillar and other large toy and model operators provide products.

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