We provide insight into complexity of ERP systems. Assess your system together in our tool. A unique opportunity to make a real next step.


Industrial businesses are extremely challenged to innovate and adapt new technologies. The ERP system must facilitate, implement and follow such fundamental changes. But for most businesses touching ERP means fear, risks, tension, out-of-budget and sensitivity: this is no longer necessary.

ERP index is a professional business-to-business software tool developed by ERP Index B.V. to create insight in the ERP potential of your company. Due to our unique knowledge and vision, we have created a solution that gives the opportunity to (re)start the discussion about your ERP implementation and the needs within your company. In our vision, you should focus on what is most important: your business. There is no need any more to spend time investigating ERP features or planning sessions to determine the ERP needs. We developed a solution which makes it possible to reason from your own business, with everyone from your business, whenever you have the time. ERP index provides you with the necessary knowledge and tools, you only have to add what your business requires. We do the rest.

ERP index  insight into complexity
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